Job Postings, Developing Human Connectome Project

The Developing Human Connectome Project at King's College Lond... Read More

Seminar from VASST Lab

Join us July 18th at 5:00pm for a seminar on "Simulation Support for Cardiac and Spincal Support" by Dr. Terry Peters, Dr. Elvi... Read More

Information Processing in Medical Imaging 2013

 Catch Dr. Wu Qiu in California from June 28th to July 3 at the 2013 IPMI Conference where he will be presenting his poster: "E... Read More

2013 IEEE Computer VIsion and Pattern Recognition

Catch Martin Rajchl at the 2013 IEEE CVPR Conference in Portland, Oregon from June 25th to the 27th. He will be competing in the Pos... Read More

Jonathan McLeod and Eli Gibson win prizes at 2013 LID

Congratulations to Robarts Phd Student Jonathan McLeod for winning 1st Prize in the Poster Competition at the London Imaging Discovery. H... Read More

The 8th Annual London Imaging Discovery

Join us on Thursday June 13th at the 8th Annual London Imaging Discovery in the North Campus Building,... Read More

Vital Biomedical Technologies Inc. Receives Awards

Congratulations to Robarts PhD Student, M. Ali Tavallaei and Dr. Maria Drangova who have recieved a $25,000 grant from the ... Read More

WCIO 2013

 Catch Dr. Fenster, Chris Waring, and Dr. Suha Ghoul at the 2013 WCIO conference in New York from... Read More

An Article from Eranga Ukwatta in T-MI's April Issue

 Congratulations to Eranga Ukwatta for his publication in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. Ukwatta's paper, "3D Carotid Mu... Read More

Maged Goubran Wins Prize at 21st Annual ISMRM

At the 2013 ISMRM conference in Salt Lake City, Robarts Imaging student Maged Groubran, supervised by Dr. Terry Peters, recieved the ISMR... Read More

BIRC Official Opening

Monday, September 13th 2010 marked the official launch of Western's Biomedical Imaging Research Centre (BIRC)  in the Hallman A... Read More

New Website

The old imaging site has been overhauled and now has a fresh new look to match the Robarts website.... Read More

Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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