The Imaging Research Laboratories at the Robarts Research Institute (RRI), one of the premier imaging labs in North America, has a high level of scientific excellence that enables the development and transfer of technologies arising from the Institute. Technology transfer encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from sponsored research to the establishment of New Start-up Companies, which then develop and fully exploit a technology platform.

fBrain2.gif (10826 bytes)The Laboratory for Functional Magnetic Resonance Research (LfMRR) is located in a purpose built addition to the Robarts Research Institute on the University of Western Ontario Campus in London, Ontario. The LfMRR houses Canada's highest field (4 Tesla) Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRI/MRS) scanner. The 4T facility is used primarily for in-vivo studies of human brain structure and function. These studies include assessment of brain metabolism and physiology, cognitive function and vascular dynamics, not only in normal and research patient populations, but also in in-vitro and animal models using a variety of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy techniques. A magnetic field strength of 4 Tesla (4T) is currently the highest field approved for human use. The 4T facility represents a unique national resource for state-of-the-art evaluation of brain structure and functional activity using a variety of MRI and MRS techniques in a research setting.

cvir_logo.gif (5786 bytes)The Centre for Vascular Imaging Research is partnered with The Robarts Research Institute, London Health Sciences Centre, Life Imaging Systems, GE Canada, Siemens Canada, Berlex/Schering, Eli Lilly Canada and  The Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund.  It is dedicated  to promote the research, development and commercial exploitation of advanced vascular imaging technology, through:   1) partnership with the medical community to focus imaging developments on improved health care and reduced health care costs;  2) partnership with established medical imaging companies to develop and optimize vascular imaging technology;  3) partnership with knowledge-based Ontario companies to transfer innovations and technology from laboratory to industry;  4) partnership with venture capital organizations to facilitate the establishment and expansion of start-up medical imaging based enterprises; and,  5) training of qualified individuals to stimulate medical imaging developments in Ontario.

The goal of the VASST laboratory is to provide a platform for research in image-guided surgery and therapy. In particular its mandate is to support the development of organ models to facilitate the development of new minimally-invasive surgical procedures; to provide imaging support, through virtual organ models linked to the patient in the operating room, for these new procedures; and to serve as a training platform for surgeon using image guided minimally-invasive techniques.

Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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