About Robarts Imaging Labs

The Imaging Research Laboratories were inaugurated in 1988 at Robarts Research Institute and have undergone substantial expansion over the past 21 years. The group is comprised of 15 investigators, 25 associated basic and clinical researchers, 94 graduate students, 26 PDFs and Research Associates, and 51 imaging research support staff. In 2009, our investigators and their collaborators published 4 book chapters, 93 peer-reviewed papers, and 8 refereed conference proceedings.

The Imaging Research Laboratories maintains a collaborative and cohesive approach to research and training, dedicated to maintaining research excellence, while focusing our research enterprise on translation of our innovations to improve health, promote interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to research, and to support and expand our graduate training programs at Western.

By building on the established excellence in our research and training programs, and recognizing the potential industrial and healthcare impact of our innovations, together with our collaborating scientists, physicians, private sector partners, we are committed to our mission.

The success of research teams depends on many complex factors in addition to the pursuit of excellence. Imaging Research Laboratories' success is largely due to the set of core values developed and maintained over the last 22 years.

Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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