Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

The primary goal of the Rapid Prototyping (Plastics) facility at Robarts Research Institute is to provide researchers at Robarts with on-site access to high-quality, high-precision rapid prototyping technology at an affordable cost. The facility consists of the Objet30 Pro  polyjet 3D printer and support equipment. Print jobs are done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fee Schedule

Billing is based on the amount of material used to build the prototype (the plastic used in the actual part, and support material used during the build). Price includes basic cleaning/removal of support material: additional cleaning may be required.  

  • Robarts clients/collaborators: .$1.00 per gram plastic, $0.50 per gram support material plus $50 for basic pre- and post-processing. (NOTE: depending on part shape & size, additional post-processing may be required.)
  •  Robarts clients with trained technician: $1.00 per gram plastic, plus $0.50 per gram support material. Clients must have a demonstrated ongoing need for access to the system before technicians will be trained.
  • High priority: prices double.

STL files are required to prepare a cost estimate. Contact John Moore for details.

NOTE: all products are intended as prototype devices only; any commercial, medical or other application is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Contact Information

RP Lab Manager:
John Moore
jmoore ~at~
Tel: 519.663.5777 x24281

Debbie Lilley
dlilley ~at~
Tel: 519.663.5777 x25707

Terry Peters
tpeters ~at~
Tel: 519.663.5777 x24159

For more information regarding Materials and MSDS, please visit:

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